New Service- COVID-19 Crisis Mitigation Fixed Fee Legal Packages from Shulman Rogers NEXT

As a result of COVID-19 and the federal, state and local governments’ unprecedented actions, founders and their crisis management teams across the country are facing “save the company” decisions and actions every day. NEXT has developed a series of Fixed Price Legal Crisis Mitigation Packages to help founders manage and mitigate the impact of this crisis.

INSURANCE COVERAGE REVIEW AND ANALYSIS PACKAGES: BUSINESS INTERRUPTION AND OTHER LOSSESNEXT is fielding questions regarding available insurance coverage and providing review and analysis of your insurance coverage with regard to business income, business interruption losses, claims and litigation if necessary.

Contact info: Meredith S. Campbell Chair, Employment and Labor Group, Shulman Rogers [email protected] |T 301.255.0550 | F 301.230.2891