Another Maryland County Bans the Box

Prince George’s County is the latest Maryland County to hop on the Ban the Box bandwagon. Starting January 20, 2015, employers with at least twenty-five full-time employees in Price George’s County (MD) are prohibited from asking an applicant about his or her criminal record until the conclusion of the applicant’s first interview. Once the Council’s… More

Banning the Box: A Gray Area for Employers?

According to recent reports, roughly one in four adults has a criminal record. As such, the momentum in support of “ban the box” legislation—i.e., legislation that restricts an employer from including a little check box on a job application asking, “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?”—continues to grow. On July 14, 2014, the… More


The Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) requires that employers take certain steps before they ask a “consumer reporting agency” to run a background check on applicants or current employees.  What does this mean?  Employers who use background checks often must first give applicants and employees written notice that they will obtain a consumer report, get… More

Top Seven Laws Every Employer Should Know*

1.  Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII)– In brief, Title VII bars certain employers from discriminating against employees, former employees, or applicants for employment based on race, color, national origin, religion or sex (including gender and pregnancy). Title VII also prohibits harassment and retaliation based on the same protected characteristics…. More