LinkedIn Pays $5+ Million in Overtime and Damages After DOL Investigation

LinkedIn, the popular social networking site for professionals, just paid $3+ million in overtime back wages and an additional $2+ million in liquidated damages to settle claims brought on behalf of former and current employees. The settlement marked the conclusion of an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) into alleged (and apparently substantiated)… More

In case you missed it…

Here is the clip from my appearance on Fox this morning! Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is said to be ready to file a grievance about his indefinite suspension from the NFL. Double Jeopardy could the basis of a potential lawsuit since Rice was suspended for two games by the league, and then… More

Did Someone Order Bologna? NLRB Takes a Bite out of Sandwich Chain’s Disciplinary Decisions

Employers need to be able to protect their brand and their customer base—so when Jimmy John’s sandwich shop wokers posted signs in some stores insinuating that the company’s sandwiches were germ-ridden, Jimmy John’s swiftly fired fired six of the masterminds behind the flyers. If you denigrate the company, you have no right to remain on… More

Employer Lawfully Terminated Disabled Employee for Inappropriate Conduct

Employers are often — perhaps with good reason– hesitant to take drastic disciplinary action against a disabled employee for fear that the employee will sue for discrimination. While the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and other similar state and local laws prohibit unfair treatment of the disabled, the laws still permit employers to take justified… More