Ill Attempts to Inquire About Ebola (Or Other Health Issues) Could Plague Employers with ADA Violations

The fear of Ebola is spreading far faster than the disease. That said, instinctually, employers are tempted to ask employees pointed questions about health-related issues in order to dispel fears that they could be infected. It is important to stay cognizant of the fact that these questions may run afoul of the Americans with Disabilities… More

Is There a Science Behind Sandwich Making? Lawsuit Questions Jimmy John’s Non-Compete

This summer, a collective and class action suit was filed against Jimmy John’s alleging violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) and state law corollaries for minimum wage and overtime violations stemming from its alleged non-payment for off-the-clock work. Recently, that complaint has been amended to add a challenge to Jimmy John’s non-compete agreement… More

Did the Baltimore Ravens Goof Up Document Preservation?

The Baltimore Ravens currently are under investigation for claims that management knew about but took no action relating to former player Ray Rice’s domestic violence incident. In a similiarly less-than-proactive vein, the Ravens reportedly failed to send out a document preservation letter until two weeks after the investigation was announced. The Ravens, like all parties… More