Garnishing The Wrong Wages Can Cost You Triple In Maryland

Keeping true to one of our favorite sayings — No Good Deed Goes Unpunished — Maryland’s highest court recently held that employees who are subjected to an inaccurate wage garnishment are eligible to bring a wage claim against their employer in Maryland.  Marshall v. Safeway, Inc. (Md. Mar. 26, 2014). That means that if the employer miscalculates the garnishment amount, the employee can sue for up to three times the amount owed, plus attorney fees.


  1. This isn’t wages per say, but what about if the wrong state taxes were taken out of an employee’s paycheck? Is the employer required to furnish an amended W2 even if it’s the employee’s mistake for not notifying the employer of the correct state?

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    • Send me your information through the contact feature and I’m happy to touch base and see if I can help answer this question. Thanks!

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