Vaccine Mandate– Are You Getting Requests for Accommodation?

We are already working with many of you as you roll out a vaccine mandate policy for your workforce. As soon as the policy goes out, you will likely receive questions about potential accommodations.

As a reminder – if you require the vaccine, you must consider reasonable accommodations for people who qualify (either for a medical condition or a sincerely held religious belief).

The first step is typically to determine whether the employee who requests the accommodation qualifies under the statute. To help on this front, the government recently offered standard accommodation request forms in connection with the vaccine mandate for federal government contractors. Click for the medical condition form, or the religion form, as drafted by the government.

If you would like a more user-friendly version of the form, or if you need help

  • drafting or rolling out a vaccine mandate
  • assessing whether an employee qualifies for a potential accommodation
  • engaging in the interactive process
  • determining whether a potential accommodation is reasonable

or with any of the other many, many issues that have come up – please contact your employment lawyer. We are here to help!

Meredith S. Campbell
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