Insurance Coverage Review and Analysis in the age of COVID-19


The COVID-19 outbreak has caused immediate interruption in normal business operations in every state and across the world.  It would be prudent to review all of your insurance policies to determine if there is coverage for your losses.  Insurance carriers typically tie a business interruption loss to physical damage to your principal place of business, i.e., a building fire, a flood.  There are other limitations to and exclusions from coverage as well, and the interplay with federal and state ordinances and laws must also be considered.

There is pending legislation in many states that may exempt COVID-19 related losses from any exclusions involving enforcement of ordinances and laws.  In some instances, your existing insurance policy may provide partial or complete coverage for your business losses relating to the coronavirus. The coverage applicable may also be impacted by your state’s closure order. In addition, some states are considering a change to existing laws to require that business interruption caused by the coronavirus be made a covered event.   

Given the drastic impact COVID-19 is having on businesses, Shulman Rogers is currently offering a flat fee arrangement to review your insurance policy and provide an analysis concerning potential coverage for your ongoing losses related to the coronavirus. We have extensive experience with insurance policy interpretation and coverage issues and are monitoring changes to state laws that may impact potential coverage. 

We will answer questions regarding available insurance coverage and provide review and analysis of your insurance coverage with regard to business income, business interruption losses, claims and litigation if necessary.  We have handled scores of insurance coverage disputes in the area of property loss and business interruption insurance, life insurance benefit disputes, subrogation and uninsured losses, both uncovered and partially covered.

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