DC Employers — Check Your Posters and Your Payroll!

DC is conducting inspections of DC businesses to ensure compliance with the new Wage Theft Preventon Act.  Inspections focus on posters, but may also include a review of payroll records.

It does not appear that the investigators are assessessing penalities, but they are issuing penalty notices and creating follow-up lists.

As a quick reminder, in addition to all federally-required posters, DC employers may be required to post the following (posting requirements may depend on the size and make-up of your staff):

Accrued Sick and Safe Leave Act

Child Labor Law

D.C. Equal Employment Opportunity

D.C. Family Medical Leave Act & Parental Leave Act

D.C. Living Wage Act

D.C. Minimum Wage Act

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (in English and Spanish)

The Right to Breastfeed

Unemployment Compensation

Wage Theft Prevention

Workers’ Compensation

Author’s contact info: Meredith S. Campbell Co-Chair, Employment and Labor Group, Shulman Rogers [email protected] | T 301.255.0550 | F 301.230.2891