New Option: Employment Law Subscription Package

We are trying something new! It’s a new year and a new administration, and we are all still grappling with the pandemic. 2021 will likely bring changes in Employment Laws on the federal, state and local level.

We know that people sometimes hesitate to call us because they fear the legal bill. But sometimes it’s the call you don’t make that costs you the most, when the easily-solved problem balloons into a tragedy.

To alleviate this fear, we are rolling out a new pilot “Subscription” program. The goal is to help you to protect your company and stay out of court by maintaining open lines of communication with your Employment Law counsel and to encourage you to involve us in your decision making. Under this new plan, the more you call, the better your deal.

Subscribers will receive up to 5 hours per month of strategic advice and counseling* on topics including:

* COVID and workplace concerns

*Most standard employment documents (such as employment agreements, severance agreements, restrictive covenants, indpenedent contractor agreements, applicatons, etc.)


*ADA requests & accomodations

*Service Contract Act compliance

*FMLA leave

*Workplace harassment and discrimination issues, including investigations, policies, complaints and EEOC or other administrative charges

*Background checks

*Sick and safe leave policies

*Wage/hour & overtime compliance

*FLSA classification

*Independent contractor classificatoin

*Severance packages

*Reductions in force

*Business tort concerns

*Employment agreements

*Union issues, including collective bargaining, grievance procedures, ULP’s and union organizing advice

NOTE: Excludes HR training presentations and most litigation
Any work beyond the 5 hours per month is billed at regular hourly rates less a 10% “Subscription Plan Member” discount

12 month commitment required

First quarter (pro-rated) paid up front with monthly billing thereafter

10% discount with paid up front annual fee

Meredith S. Campbell
Chair, Employment and Labor Group

Co-Chair, Corporate Investigations, Governance and Risk Management T(301)255-0550, Employment and Labor Group